Music is a powerful, emotionally-centered art form that can not only open our minds to experiences in new and exciting ways, but it can also make us more empathetic people. Working with Trade Winds has taught me the importance of keeping this in mind when working with students with diverse backgrounds, interests, priorities, and goals.
— Brandon Rumsey

Brandon Scott Rumsey

Gary Ferrington Composition Chair


Brandon Scott Rumsey is a composer, bassoonist, and teacher based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His compositions emphasize harmony, rhythm, texture and orchestrational color and frequently explore themes of love, nature, and conversation. In 2015, Brandon co-founded the Emblems Quintet, a woodwind quintet/artist collective committed to education, inclusive- and equity-conscious programming, and performing exciting overlooked repertoire.

Brandon’s research and pedagogy engages with intersections between music theory, musicology, queer and feminist theory, and sociopolitical advocacy in order to advance performance and research of historically underrepresented musicians and their work. Brandon joined the faculty of Madonna University in 2017 where he teaches music theory, composition, and music administration.

Brandon holds a doctoral degree in Composition and a Graduate Certificate in LGBTQ Studies at the University of Michigan. His influential teachers include Evan Chambers, Kristin Kuster, Robert Livingston Aldridge, David Dzubay, Dan Welcher, David Crumb, and Robert Kyr.

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